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Elizar saying something very clever and cutting about Fed's appearance. But Elizar was across the galaxy, torturing and killing people.

"I'm supposed to brief you on our luxurious accommodations," Fed said.

Galen found he had received a message from Fed with several files attached-maps, schedules, plans.

"They have some rules. Everyone is required to help with the preparations, and work assignments are being coordinated by Herazade. Don't complain about your assignment, or you'll be-assigned to something less pleasant." Galen got the impression Fed was speaking from experience. "You're staying in Room 244, with me. We're roommates. Your lifetime dream, I'm sure. My stuff's a little messy right now. Just ignore it; I'll clean it up later.

"All the rooms are claustrophobia traps, so don't get your hopes up. If we keep to schedule, we should be out of here in two weeks. Any disputes should be brought immediately to a member of the Circle. I have to say that, because there have already been so many fights, things are getting pretty crazy. It's air-lock fever; it's the tension." Fed shrugged. "It's us."

"Where is Elric?"

Fed jerked a thumb toward the far end of the hangar. "If you go out that door, you'll find him in Room 288, down the hall to the right. The Circle has gathered there." He added, hesitantly, "I think they're examining Kell's body."

Galen started down through the tall rows of supplies, his staff and breather in his right hand, valise in his left.

Fed followed. "Is it true that Elizar and Razeel killed Kell?" His voice had grown softer.

"Yes," Galen said.

"You saw Kell?"


Fed bowed his head, uncharacteristically thoughtful. "Kell helped me once. With some trouble I was having. It was nothing major. It was pretty stupid,
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