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as still and inexpressive as marble.

Kell's body temperature was increasing, and with trembling lips he pushed the words out, his short, hot breaths grazing her skin. "Twenty-nine. Thirty-one. Thirty-seven." Kell's heart raced with a beat it could not possibly sustain.

"Stop it!" Bunny yelled.

"Forty-one. Forty-three." With a cry Kell launched himself out of the chair at Bunny. He slammed into her, and they twisted and fell to the floor.

Through her skin, Anna felt his heart stumble.

"Forty... seven," he breathed against her.

The erratic beat cascaded into chaos, then, with one final, tired contraction, his heart stopped.

The normal pressure of Bunny's thoughts returned. The telepath pushed at Kell. "Get him off me! Get him off me!"

Tilar kicked Kell in the head.

"He's dead, you idiot," Bunny said.

Tilar gave Kell one more kick. Then he and Elizar pulled the body off of Bunny. Kell sprawled across the floor, still.

Bunny sat up, rubbing her forehead. "The son of a bitch gave himself a heart attack. Maybe he thought he could take me with him." She held up her hand, waiting for someone to assist her. Elizar did.

Some low-level ultraviolet radiation was coming from a spot on Bunny's forehead. Anna wondered if it was a result of her exertion.

"What did you find?" Elizar asked.

"He was trying to block me by reciting the prime numbers. It caused a minor delay, but I got through quickly enough," she said, straightening her tight dress. She was swaying slightly. "They are going to hide. He doesn't know where. They have some method of creating a hiding place almost anywhere they want, so it can't be detected. He thought it would be somewhere out of the way."

"Somewhere out of the way?" Tilar said, nudging Kell's head with his foot. "That
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