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pain in his memories of Isabelle, yet he would cherish each one of them.

Thinking of her smile that morning, Galen wondered what had happened to the breen, and whether the relay hidden inside the container was still aboard the Khatkhata. If so, he should be able to access the probes they'd planted on the Narn crew, even if they had reached the Thenothk system on the rim.

Galen closed his eyes to the glowing tapestry in the sky, visualized the equation to access the relay and the images it received and recorded from the probes. The relay responded, and Galen requested the images currently being transmitted by the probes. Since the ship had a crew of ten, ten images spread out before him in his mind's eye.

The images came from different angles-one probe planted on a forehead, another on a hand-and moved as the crew moved. It took him a short time to become acclimated to the views. The leather-clad crew seemed to be working in the hold, unloading the sleeper tubes G'Leel had told them about. Apparently the ship had arrived at Thenothk.

Galen requested coordinates, and discovered that the Khatkhata was in the Omega sector, on the rim of known space. The system was known as Tau Omega. If this wasn't the home of the Shadows, it must be close.

They were all working, even G'Leel and the captain. There was considerable grumbling among them; Galen translated and discovered they were complaining that they had to unload this cargo themselves.

This is not our job, one said.

We should never have agreed to take these damn mind-walkers, another said. He rapped on a tube. She might know who I am. She could come after me when she wakes up. That's what they're going to do with her, isn't it? Wake her up?

For what we're getting paid, Captain Ko'Vin said, you should be
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