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mages are going to retreat to a hiding place," Elizar said. "He must be getting old."

Tilar frowned. "They're going to hide? While the rest of the galaxy is at war? I don't believe it. How does that satisfy good?"

"It satisfies fear and self-interest, which have apparently always been stronger than good."

Tilar studied Kell. "They're planning to fight us. They have to be. They sent him to plant false information. That's why he came."

"You're wrong," Elizar said, "but I don't have the patience to explain all the reasons why. In any case, sweet Bunny will find out everything soon enough." He turned to her. "We need to know where the mages will hide and when, and where they will gather for this exodus."

Bunny flipped her hair back over her shoulders. "You could say please."

"Please will you rip into this old hypocrite's mind and pull out the information we need."

She winked. "Happy to."

Bunny crossed her arms and stared at Kell, and in her thin, tense face, Anna saw insatiable hunger. Suddenly Anna felt the pressure of Bunny's thoughts increase. They pushed at Anna's skin, at her mind. For a moment every thought, every sensation was lost in a blinding blaze of whiteness. Then the pressure lessened, sensation returned, and as the dull, pulsing discomfort of the telepath's presence faded away, she realized Bunny's power had found a focus.

Kell's body went stiff. His head jerked to one side, his cheek pressing into her skin. From a face rigid with pain he forced out a series of words, so softly that she had to strain to hear them. "Seven. Eleven. Thirteen. Seventeen. Nineteen. Twenty-three." As the numbers increased, his heart beat faster and faster.

"He's-" Bunny's eyes narrowed.

"What is it?"Tilar said.

Elizar's fists were clenched, his face
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