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accomplish the duties the Eye had assigned her.

Within the small chamber, Elizar stood. Kell's head hung to the side, and his eyes moved aimlessly. He was disoriented.

"It doesn't take much to get the better of one of you," Bunny said.

"He never intended to fight." Elizar turned to Kell. "Did you." His words sounded like a challenge.

Kell lifted his head, squinted his eyes. "I will tell you nothing."

"We're reduced to crude, makeshift methods here," Elizar said, "but I think you'll find them extremely effective. Anna, begin."

As Elizar had previously directed, she started by sending through her tendrils only a moderate shock.

Though Kell said nothing, his muscles spasmed violently. His fingers dug into her skin; his heart hammered against her.

She gave him a few moments. She had to monitor him carefully so that he did not become unconscious or die before they wished it. When his heart had stabilized, she sent the next shock, slightly greater than the first.

Kell's body bucked. Through clenched teeth, a low sound escaped him. His blood pressure dropped, and his heart raced. She waited carefully until they had returned to normal limits.

This activity did not come naturally to her. She had been taught to attack and never break off until the enemy was utterly destroyed. These timid torturings, as they were called, seemed frustratingly ineffective. She sent the next shock, at yet greater intensity.

Kell's clenched teeth parted, and he released a cry. His chest bowed outward, pushing against her. Then it fell back, and his body convulsed violently, his breath coming in short, quick puffs.

Anna waited for him to stabilize. His sweat drenched her skin.

"I will tell you nothing," Kell said, his voice breathy, weak. "Where is the point to this,
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