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Like his staff, it carried some trace of life. Anna was interested in these techno-mage ships. They were not soulless, like the other ships she had encountered. Yet they were not like her sisters, either. In a way, they seemed similar to the Vorlon ships about which she'd been warned. Their life seemed an extension of the being riding within, a being who might come and go independently. These ships weren't truly alive, as she was. They were a sad echo of life. They had no will of their own; they had no freedom. They were forced to follow orders. A techno-mage and his ship were not one; she and the machine were one, working together toward common goals: chaos and destruction.

Anna informed her passengers of the ship's arrival. She had learned little from their conversation.

"You're about to meet the biggest hypocrite of all," Elizar said.

Bunny's lips parted, the tip of her tongue pushing through. "The fun begins." She turned to Razeel and Tilar, extending her hands. "Come on! You guys don't laugh enough. We're going to kill the king of the techno-mages today! Can I get a smile out of you, at least?"

Tilar stood. "This is too easy. I'll laugh when it's done, if there's something to laugh about. You underestimate Kell."

Bunny shrugged. "I think you all overestimate yourselves. You may have some fancy machinery wired into you, but artificial power can never stand up to the real thing." She waved her hands down the length of her body. "A machine, after all, can always be- " she snapped her fingers- "turned off."

That comment, Anna felt certain, had been directed at her. Perhaps Bunny needed to be reminded of her own weaknesses. A telepath, after all, could always be killed.

The small mage named Razeel said nothing, but stood with the others.

Elizar directed
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