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she meant the threat or not.

Elizar ran the head of his staff down the side of her face. "But it would be the last thing you would ever do, sweet Bunny."

She twirled her long blond hair. "That's what makes our arrangement so perfect. Live and let live. Except for our enemies."

"If I am forced to call upon you, that means all else has failed. He'll fight you. You may have to destroy his mind to find the truth."

"I hope so. There's a real rush in ripping through someone's brain, through all those tired ideas and pathetic worries. It feels like-taking a bunch of poor old gerbils out of their rusty exercise wheels. And then blowing them up."

"So long as you first find what we need," Elizar said.

"I'll find it." The lightness had drained out of Bunny's voice. "Don't start getting all repressive on me. I'm not big on obedience. I wouldn't follow my parents' rules, so they turned me in. I wouldn't follow Psi Corps' rules, so they locked me up. I wouldn't follow the rules of the goddamn blips, so they volunteered me for the sleeper tube express. Why should I listen to a bunch of hypocrites and users?"

Elizar lowered his voice. "But wouldn't you want to make new rules of your own, eliminate the hypocrisy?"

She laughed with a toss of her head. "My rules would be the most hypocritical of all. I'm all for chaos. That's why I agreed to help you." Her ice blue eyes narrowed. "I thought you felt the same."

"I told you," Elizar said. "We believe in the same things. We were both taken from our homes and forced into a mold we did not fit. We both found hypocrisy, secrets, and oppression. And we both rebelled."

Outside, a ship approached. Anna recognized it as the techno-mage ship they had been sent to meet. It was like the one who had first brought Elizar here.
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