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face and pale skin. His scalp was bare, but on his chin dark hair grew in an intricate pattern. He wore a long coat of maroon velvet, with a gold and maroon vest underneath. At first Anna had thought the clothes lent him stature, but she realized the aura of authority came from Elizar himself. He calculated his movements as carefully as Anna plotted a course. What intrigued Anna most, though, was Elizar's platinum staff, which he held braced against the floor. From it she sensed signs of life.

Elizar and Bunny stood to one side in Anna's largest chamber, speaking privately. "If you're successful," Elizar said, "you will prove your value to me today. You will not share the fate of the others."

Bunny was tall for a woman, as tall as Elizar. A thinness to her face made her look a few years older than him, and somehow gave Anna the sense that Bunny was hungry-for something. She had long, curly blond hair and wore a tight-fitting pink dress. She shrugged. "I don't know why you won't let me go at him first. You don't need torture or tricks. I'll get what you need."

"I respect your abilities, Bunny. But if he does not give us the information willingly, I fear we will not get it. Mages are trained in mental discipline and focus. Kell is the most adept of us all. He may have defenses we do not suspect."

"No one can stand up to me, except another P12 telepath. There're about a dozen of those on Earth. I went through Tilar fast enough for you, didn't I? Had him reliving his potty training. The poor thing is still scared of me." Bunny glanced toward Tilar, who sat across the chamber, watching them.

"Tilar is a failed mage," Elizar said.

"I could do the same to you, sweet cheeks, anytime, anywhere." There was a lightness to her tone that made Anna uncertain whether
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