Яппаньки вам,уважаем(ый)(ая)(ое)!

source of light to fight the darkness.

Delenn was in the midst of a transformation, a fulfillment of prophecy that would reveal the connection between Human and Minbari, the order underlying the universe. This connection would encourage the Humans to ally with the Minbari, and so with the Vorlons. And the key to that new alliance would be the new captain of Babylon 5, Sheridan.

Slipping through the song of the buoys, Kosh reached at last those who hung precariously between order and chaos. Their great power could be the pivot on which the war turned. The images from the buoys were less clear here than elsewhere, since they needed to remain distant to escape detection. Yet the fabulists sent many messages to each other, and over one thousand years of watching them, Kosh had learned how to intercept these messages. Those the buoys had perceived clearly, as they had the movements of the fabulists and their ships.

Kosh slipped through the data streams, re-creating the song of the fabulists' assemblage. The pestilence called Morden had moved among them. Then a flash of great energy, as great as the energies

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