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"I met a Vorlon once," Ing-Radi said, and for the first time since Elric had known her, her slit pupils narrowed in anger. "Do you know what they call us? Fabulists. Tellers of tales. Liars."

Herazade waved off his suggestion. "If we ally ourselves with the Vorlons, that will simply give the Shadows another reason to attack us. They will be hesitant to attack the great forces of the Vorlons directly. Instead they will attack the Vorlons through us, the weaker link."

Elric felt the Code, all he had lived for and believed in, crumbling.

He found he had a message from Alwyn. He read it quickly and viewed the attached recording. At that, his hopes fell even further.

The Shadows had begun to show their hand. Anarchy was loosed upon the galaxy. "Then we can find other allies," he said. "There are good beings of many species who would stand beside us-Humans, Minbari, Narns. We have a responsibility to them. I have a responsibility to mine here, a responsibility to do good. Is that not the final and most important word of the Code?" He paused, forcing the Circle to linger over that point. "I have just been informed by Alwyn that the Narn outpost in Quadrant 37 has been destroyed. Ten thousand Narns are killed. Before Alwyn's probe there was destroyed, it detected this." He conjured the image from Alwyn's message, the same image the Narn G'Leel had described, a black shape out of legend. Against the grey-blue planet, the spiky silhouette wheeled and dove as if alive, blasting out great streams of energy. "What chance do the Narns and all the rest have if we leave them behind?"

The Circle fell silent, and Elric hoped that perhaps this new development would drive them to fight, hoped that the vision he had always held of the techno-mages was consistent
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