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powers are greater than ours, how can we fight them?"

It was easy to be brave and bold and do good when they were the most powerful beings in the galaxy-save only the Vorlons, who hid their power so well and used it so sparingly, it was described only in legend. Now that the mages were threatened with a greater power, many of them would collapse, as Herazade was doing. Her vision of a benevolent universe in which superior mages did good for the less fortunate ceased to make sense when the mages were no longer superior, and the universe no longer benevolent.

Blaylock, Elric knew, would vote only to find a place of safety and wait out the war. He did not believe they should become warriors. He felt it went against their destiny. Blaylock had long supported the idea that the mages should remove themselves from others altogether. His belief was so strong, Elric knew, that he was willing to leave his place of power permanently. The coming of the Shadows merely added strength to his conviction.

That meant Elric had to convince both Herazade and Ing-Radi to fight, which would require extreme measures. Herazade was terrified because she was not prepared. She had not believed in a universe where Shadows existed. Ing-Radi, though, was well prepared. She knew the threat they faced, and knew well that they might all die fighting it. She would be convinced only if she thought they had a chance. Elric used the only argument he thought might convince them. It was a desperate gambit.

"We could form an alliance with the Vorlons," he said. "Legend tells that they are the ancient enemy of the Shadows."

Blaylock's face soured. "The Vorlons cannot be trusted. Throughout our history they have treated the techno-mages with nothing but contempt. We need information, not impenetrable
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