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on whom he had been modeled. "All of her places, all of her belongings must be destroyed. That power has to be kept out of the wrong hands."

"And as for yourself?"

"I have to die too."

"I'm sorry, Johnny."

Johnny shook his head. "I lived to serve her. I'm happy to die with her."

"First, give me a copy of all her files." She closed her eyes, and Galen knew she was visualizing Burell's key. She turned to Galen, and there was an expression on her face he couldn't identify. "Give Galen a copy as well."

She was afraid that something might happen to her. Galen closed his eyes, visualized the key. He received the files- files of research for which Burell had been reprimanded.

"It is time," Isabelle said. "It must be done at once. Goodbye, Johnny."

Johnny dropped to one knee. "It is my great pleasure, Daughter of Enchantress." He vanished, and Isabelle dissolved the globe.

Galen realized there was one more piece of tech that had to be destroyed. "Your amulet," he said to Isabelle. "I left it behind." It was a piece of Isabelle, a limb that she now must sever.

She nodded absently, closed her eyes.

Galen looked toward Burell's apartment building, which stood out against the skyline in the harsh light of the sun. The apartment was on the top floor. Galen used his sensors to magnify the view, but found no peculiar activity or energy in the apartment, until he reached the right corner window. Something flashed inside: an intense blue, churning energy. Then the window exploded outward, and blue flames whirled and diffused into the pale green sky. Galen directed his gaze inside, magnifying further. A great maelstrom whirled within those walls, consuming all.

The apartment seemed to shift, and as Galen removed his magnification, he saw that the building
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