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you can, Galen. That is why I was put in your life."

Galen heard something from the hall, a faint whisper of sound. He used his sensors to increase his sensitivity. Hard, measured footsteps echoed through the passageway. Isabelle didn't hear them yet.

He stood. "I'm going to the mine shaft. See if I can reach Elric from there." He saw the dismay on her face. "I'll be gone only a few minutes. Rest, and I'll return quickly."

Before she could respond, he drew the sheer white insect netting across the bunk. He unwrapped her scarf from about his neck, let it fall to the floor. He stepped out into the hall, closed the door behind him.

The hall wasn't completely dark, as it had been before. A light shone from a corridor that branched off farther down. A figure reached the end of that corridor and stepped into the dark hall. Lights flashed on up and down the hall. Galen remembered the vision Kell had sent him, in which he'd searched through a grey maze for himself, for the part of himself from which he hid.

It was a Human, a man, of compact build and dark hair. He was the man Galen had seen in the tents of the convocation. His name is Morden, Elric had said. I believe he is a servant of the Shadows. If you ever see him, you must inform me at once. Do not approach him.

Morden walked toward him, and Galen mirrored the action. Perhaps he and Isabelle would die together. Energy gathered within him, eager to be used.

They met under the harsh lights of the bland metal-grey corridor, two miles beneath the surface.

Morden folded his hands in front of him. "She can still be saved." His smooth voice echoed down the passage.

Galen had expected an attack, not an offer. He found he could not respond. It was what he wanted, more than anything else, wanted with an intensity
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