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floor around Isabelle's shield and spread outward. They would have to make an attempt on one of the exits, and this would help hide their escape. But it would take a few minutes to fill the tavern. In the meantime, he had to clear the way.

He visualized the equation to create a translucent sphere, packing it with as much energy as he could without threatening its coherence. The ball coruscated with blue brilliance. He formed an equation of motion, fired the ball at the Drakh.

The Drakh had no time to react. Perhaps he had not expected them to fight back. Perhaps he had simply been foolish to expose himself. Perhaps he wasn't a fighter. Galen didn't know.

The ball hit him in the chest and slammed him onto his back. As his dry voice screamed, the sphere of blue burned down into him. The light gained intensity until a brilliant incandescence shone up out of his chest. Then the Drakh's scream faded like a dying breeze. The sphere finished burning its way through his body, and the light slowly died.

The mist was beginning to obscure things now. Behind the Drakh's fallen body, Galen saw a dark figure peek through the doorway, fire off a shot before ducking again behind the door frame. He conjured another ball. Equation of motion. Fired it at the figure. It shot through the doorway, curved back to hit the spot where he believed the attacker hid. Galen couldn't tell if he'd hit his target or not.

Elizar took up a position in the doorway. Would he help them to escape? He made a quick motion to someone outside. The figure hidden behind the door frame stood; it was Brown. Elizar extended his shield to protect the man. Brown smiled and aimed his PPG at Galen, fired off a series of blasts in quick succession.

Galen turned toward the back door. It was obscured now in
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