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in the wall. He selected a high-intensity shock wave, brought the staff back over his shoulder, and slammed it into the wall.

The effect was instantaneous. The wall itself seemed to throw him back, blasting out a great wave of energy that tossed him up, spun him through the air. He slammed into the table, banged against the floor. As the wave spread outward, the room shook as if seized by an earthquake. Pictures jumped from the walls. Tables overturned. The bottles over the bar shattered, spraying their contents.

Galen tried to rise, but his body seemed unable to respond to his commands. He couldn't tell if the room was still shaking or if he was shaking, but gradually the shaking stopped.

He lifted his head. Isabelle was already standing, her fingers moving to maintain the shield. Behind her, the wall was intact. It had completely repelled the blast. As Galen struggled to his knees, he focused his sensors on it. Though there had been nothing unusual about the wall when they'd entered, there was now. It was reinforced with a containment spell, just as Elric reinforced the walls of the training hall to prevent wild energies from escaping. It now formed an impenetrable barrier.

Galen climbed unsteadily to his feet, looking quickly to the other walls, the floor, the ceiling. All were reinforced.

They were sealed inside.

Chapter 15

"The room is sealed," Galen said.

Isabelle's face was tight with concentration as she maintained the shield around both of them. She gave no reaction. Plasma blasts continued to splash over the faint blue covering.

The two doorways were the only ways out. The front was defended by the Drakh, the back by Tilar. His mind racing, Galen desperately focused, visualized the equation to conjure a mist. It rose from the
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