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put them all on the shelf where Cadmus had kept his PPG. To one side he saw the call button that linked to the port authority. He pressed it.

Then Galen pulled up a stool and propped Cadmus' unpleasant-smelling body on it, molded his hand around the PPG. Hopefully the others would have learned their lesson when they woke, and would flee.

The Drakh grunted and drew his legs in, attempting to climb to his feet. Galen had no more time. He knelt beside Isabelle, wrapped his arm around her, and snatched up his staff. He visualized the equation, conjured a platform.

As they rose up from behind the counter, Isabelle's chest heaved, and the words seized her again, driving out of her. This time, they were in English. "YOU WILL JOIN WITH US. ALL OF YOU. OR YOU WILL DIE."

Galen clutched her tightly and formed the equation of motion. They raced from the hotel. He swerved to avoid hitting two pedestrians, then swooped up, over them, up to the level of the rooftops. The sun had risen over the horizon, illuminating everything in a harsh light.

Isabelle's body suddenly relaxed, slumping against him. He couldn't see her face. The scarf she had made for him had come out of his robe and fallen across her. He tossed the end over his shoulder. Her face was slack, eyes closed. Yet her respiration, her heartbeat, were normal. The Shadow transmission had finally released her.

Are you all right? he wrote.

No answer.

They had to leave the planet. He had to get her safely away. But they couldn't leave Burell's body. It was bad enough that Tilar had a chrysalis. Galen couldn't let Tilar and the Shadows get their hands on a sample of the tech.

He formulated the equation, dove down into the alley, landing beside Burell's body. She lay on her back, her large robe blanketing
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