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nodded. If Elizar was involved in Kell's attempt to gather information about the Shadows, that could explain why Kell was reluctant to interrupt him with this task. But Elizar was in the best position to go to Brensil, and despite his arrogance, Elizar was a skilled initiate. He could help Galen through any trouble that might occur.

Elric composed the message. The Circle would have you contact Elizar. He is on Zafran 7 and could reach Brensil most quickly. See if you can make arrangements and advise us. He sent the message.

Kell nodded. "This is for the good. They can mend any ill feelings between the three of them."

As Ing-Radi began to discuss changes in the convocation schedule to allow for Burell's funeral, Elric found himself waiting anxiously for Galen's reply. If Elizar was available, Galen would soon be safe at home. Right now, that mattered more to him than the Shadows, more than fighting the Shadows, more than discovering whether the Shadows had allies among the mages. All of that would be easy to face, once Galen was safe at home.

At last a response came. I have contacted Elizar. He is fit and can meet us at Brensil. He says he can be there even before we arrive, so we can leave for Soom at once.

Elric found his heart pounding and slowed it.

The news was good; Galen would soon be home. And Galen's new message carried less of the sense of stillness. He was coming back to himself. In five days, Elric could see for himself that Galen was all right.

Across the room, Blaylock's unyielding gaze was fixed on him. As the message arrived, Blaylock gave a slight nod. Your student has performed well.

Chapter 14

Inside the freighter's cabin, Galen read Elric's message. "The Circle wants us to contact Elizar. He's the closest."

"Of course,
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