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to disguise themselves as chefs, with the traditional white shirts and pants, and white chef's hats. They had both restored their hair as part of the illusion, Isabelle's pulled back in a neat braid. It was strange seeing Isabelle in white after she had been so long in black. Her face seemed to glow. Galen held the certificate and a stay-warm container with the last batch of breen they'd made. He held his breath, removed the cover, and nodded.

Isabelle pressed the bell. After a minute, she pressed it again. This was the first time either of them had truly tried a deception. For his part, Galen was nervous. Isabelle jumped as a voice bellowed over the speaker.

"Who's there?"

"This is Isabelle from the new Chemical Culinary Institute." Her voice was strong, assured, though her hands were clenched together. "I'm excited to inform you that you have just won our grand prize in the Great Breen Eat-Off Sweepstakes. For the-"

"I'm sleeping. Go... Did you say breen?"

"Yes, sir, I did. We are at your door with a huge bowlful of breen and the makings for much, much more. For the next three hours, we'll make you as much breen as you can eat. It's all-"

"I'll be right there."

Isabelle shot Galen a nervous smile, then straightened before the door, putting her hands to her sides.

The door opened. Ko'Dan stood there in a robe and pants.

"Congratulations!" Galen and Isabelle yelled. The camera zoomed up to Ko'Dan's face, and he jerked a step back.

Isabelle took the certificate from Galen and presented it to Ko'Dan. "You have won our grand prize in the Great Breen Eat-Off Sweepstakes. For the next three hours, we will make you as much breen as you can eat, using our new patented process."

Ko'Dan looked from the certificate to Isabelle to the camera. "This
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