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tech resonated with his concern. Carefully, he visualized the equation to record, so any evidence they found could be passed to the Circle.

The interior was even darker than the night outside, so he switched to the infrared band.

I don't sense anyone on this floor, Isabelle's message read. Her full-body shield glowed a pale red against a darker red background.

They were on the third floor. The Drakh, if previous activities were any indication, would be in the basement. They used flying platforms to skim the stairs silently down to the second floor.

No one here, Isabelle wrote.

They descended slowly to the first floor. Galen began to pick up some readings. Faint light, leaking up the staircase from the basement. With the power grid off, the light must use an alternate power source. A voice. Galen activated Osiyrin's dictionary.

They located the vent they wanted, near the ceiling in the central wall. By studying the probe recordings, they had found a corresponding vent in the basement, directly below this one. Galen leaned his staff against the wall, and they levitated themselves to reach the vent. Isabelle conjured a soundproof shield while they pried off the grid.

She dissolved the soundproof shield, leaving her normal defensive one, and removed the amulet from her pocket. Faint voices echoed up the shaft. The amulet radiated a slight heat, appearing dull red in Galen's mind's eye. In the center was a great eye, surrounded by the curving flames of a corona. They had tied a cord to the back of it. Isabelle brought her fingers together and made a quick movement, associating with the piece of chrysalis inside the amulet.

Her eyes flared wide, and Galen knew the contact had been made. It was a piece of her now, a piece that could be sent somewhere she
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