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who has supposedly been tranquilized. We know little of these Drakh. Their brain structure is peculiar, and the fact that a part of the brain seems to vibrate as if it is picking up a signal does not mean that it is, in fact, picking up a signal. Perhaps this section of the brain is activated in sleep. Perhaps the Drakh himself spoke, or his subconscious did so. Perhaps the tranquilizer was not appropriately designed for a Drakh. I am not ready to reach any conclusion without definitive proof."

Blaylock had been tapping his hand through her entire speech. Yet when she finished, he said nothing. He had no doubts, but he would let Galen and Isabelle remain. A further test of Galen's control.

"Let them be recalled," Kell said. "They have done well. And their position, now that they have been discovered, is untenable." Kell would protect his weapon and keep him close.

"I will do so at once." Elric sat, instantly composing the message he had been waiting to send. The Circle commends you on your work and requests you return at once. Leave as quickly as possible. Bring Burell if you can. If not, let her stay. She will be safer without you than with you. Respond at once. He sent it to both Galen and Isabelle.

While Elric waited impatiently for a response, the Circle finalized details of the chrysalis investigation, and agreed to meet again the next day. Sufficient time passed, but there was no response.

The members of the Circle filed out, Blaylock casting a backward glance. The illusion of the grand amphitheater dissolved around Elric. He sat alone in a small tent chamber. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and began the electron incantation. He had never pulled a mage into the incantation without first obtaining permission. But he had to find out why Galen
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