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The further complication was that Tilar was Centauri, and so could use only a chrysalis designed for a Centauri.

"What of Carvin?" Herazade asked.

"What of her?" Elric said, angry that the name of Alwyn's fine student would come up, frustrated because he had known it would.

"She is the only Centauri we have initiated in some years. She received her chrysalis at the same time Tilar's was taken from him. Perhaps, somehow, they made an agreement of some kind..."

"That seems impossible," Kell said. "But we will check. We will check all initiates; we will again check all chrysalis-stage apprentices. And when we find nothing, we will be faced with the same unacceptable answer." He sat back, his shoulders hunched, face tensed. He seemed weary, as if he had suffered a loss in a war he had long been fighting. Whatever he knew of the Shadows, Elric thought, and however he hoped to fight them, clearly this was not part of his plan.

The rest fell into silence, as if afraid to give their thoughts the power of utterance. Elric felt as if he alone was dealing in reality, as if he alone realized what was at risk.

"If an investigation into the chrysalis is our next step," Elric said, "let us declare Galen and Isabelle's task completed. They are in great danger on Zafran 8 and should be recalled to report in person and be questioned on their findings."

"Yes," Ing-Radi said, distracted. "Let them be recalled."

Herazade glanced her way with dissatisfaction. At last, Elric thought, they would hear Herazade's opinion on the evidence. "Could they not bring us information that more certainly establishes whether the Drakh or the Shadows are behind this current activity? I am not yet convinced that the Shadows have returned. I see a patch of static, and I see a Drakh speak
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