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so that what had at first seemed simple was impossibly complex, a snarl of chaotic impulses that resembled nothing so much as random noise. It seemed impossible to decode. But he would leave that to Isabelle.

She was already engrossed in the work. It was late, and they should have gone to bed, but Galen was far too wound up to sleep. Elric had said he would get back to them soon, anyway. And Galen felt better keeping an eye on the door.

Meanwhile, perhaps he could find a way to intercept the transmissions. In his mind's eye, he manipulated the recording. He searched the Drakh's room. If the Shadow broadcast the signal in all directions, it should be easy to pick up from anywhere in the room. If the signal was strong, it could even be picked up at a great distance, like a radio broadcast. They could stay safe in the apartment and listen in on the Shadows.

Yet he did not find the energy radiating throughout the room. It must be sent in a narrow directional beam from the Shadow to the Drakh. Unless he scanned the sender or the receiver, or stood directly in the beam's path, he would be unable to detect it.

Standing between the Drakh and the Shadow didn't seem like a good idea. Scanning the Drakh would probably be the easiest method. He'd already picked up the signal once. Yet he'd been only a few feet away. Could the signal be detected from a greater distance?

Galen accessed the recordings of the probes in the Drakh's building, searched for those times when static was present. Then he scanned for the narrow frequency of the transmission. He searched through several hours of records without finding anything. Then it was there-a pulse.

It wasn't an extended transmission, as they had detected when the Shadow controlled the Drakh, but just a millisecond-long
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