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Galen hadn't even thought of it. Tilar knew Isabelle, could find the apartment. Most mages had extensive protections warding their homes and places of power, but Galen didn't know how Burell's had been set up, or whether they would remain operational despite her illness.

"Yes," Isabelle said. "If any changes are required, she has given me full access."

Elric nodded. "Be wary. You are vulnerable. I am here if needed."

The circle of standing stones suddenly lost its depth, becoming washed out and pale, like a projection. Then everything went black, and there was a horrible vertiginous moment where he received no sensory input of any kind, where he was cut off from everything. At last Galen found himself back on the sofa in Burell's apartment, Isabelle beside him. Outside the incantation, only an instant had passed.

She pushed to the edge of the sofa and turned toward him, speaking gently. "Why the Circle sent you is irrelevant. Whether they hoped for your success or failure is irrelevant. You shouldn't worry about the Circle stopping you from what you need to do. You should worry about you stopping yourself from what you need to do."

Galen felt a flash of understanding. "You've faced the same problem."

"I saw Burell struggle with it for many years, and I determined to handle it differently." She threw an arm across him and squeezed. She had released him and stood before he had a chance to react. "Let me check on her."

As she left, Galen looked toward the front door. Whatever warding Burell had designed, he doubted it could protect against a Shadow. That one had passed easily through Isabelle's shield.

Deciding that the answer to worry was action, Galen studied the recording Isabelle had made that night. When the Drakh had awoken to the
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