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are they?

The Drakh, seeing the image now without distortion, looked around the room, puzzled. He uttered a word then in his dry voice, a long, intricate word that sounded like the rustling of papers in the wind.

[Word unavailable in program.]

If they were to continue, they couldn't let the Drakh get his bearings. Galen jerked to his feet and seized the Drakh's outcropping, nervous energy swelling within him. He kept a fierce focus on the single equation he was visualizing. He would let nothing else slip through.

The Drakh threw his arms out, trying to fight off the attack, but overcome again with disorientation and awe.

Who are these allies? the god asked.

The Drakh continued to flail about, elbowing Galen in the side. He repeated the long, intricate word.

What of the magic workers? Isabelle had jumped ahead to their final question.

But Galen realized the Drakh would answer no more. Galen visualized the equation to stop the temporal stimulation, snatched the tranq tab from his pocket, and slapped it onto the Drakh's neck just as the Drakh turned to look up into his face.

Galen stepped back, and within seconds, the Drakh fell over onto the mat, asleep. He would be unconscious for hours. Galen's pounding heart began to slow. He turned to find Isabelle beside him.

There's something near the door, her message read. My sensors are picking up-something. The interference we detected earlier.

He focused his sensors on the area near the door, ran through different frequency bands. At the upper end of the infrared band he caught the static. His sensors showed him more precisely what the probes had only crudely transmitted. The static wasn't due to some energy in the area. If that were the case, the static would be widespread. But the mist that floated
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