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making Galen think of cooled lava.

He called up Osiyrin's scans of the Drakh brain, with the area Osiyrin believed corresponded to the temporal lobe highlighted. According to Osiyrin, the Drakh brain wasn't that different from the brains of other intelligent species; the temporal lobe was supposed to be located within the upper outcropping. It was the lower outcropping that really distinguished the Drakh, serving no purpose that Osiyrin had been able to identify.

Galen circled his hands around the upper outcropping, bringing them as close as they could without touching the Drakh. If Osiyrin was right, this should work.

Galen closed his eyes and visualized the equation to stimulate the temporal lobes. Kell had done the same to Galen when he had challenged Galen with a hallucination. Stimulating the temporal lobes turned an illusion into an extremely intense emotional experience, disorienting and striking, each moment weighted with great import. Galen wanted that for the Drakh.

The corner of the Drakh's mouth began to twitch.

Galen glanced up. Isabelle was a gray shape in the mist. He couldn't see her hands, but he knew they must be moving, for a darkness began to gather within the dim curtains of mist. Over the Drakh's bed, a shadowy figure formed. It was vague, shifting, a black form with spiky limbs poking out in various directions. They had decided to keep it vague, since Osiyrin's description of the Drakh god had been a bit uncertain. The effect was rather like a black sun with a shifting, spiky black corona. In the center of that dark sun were four piercing points of light, the one detail that seemed certain. According to Osiyrin, the god wasn't exactly a Shadow; he was the source of Shadows. The Shadows were his highest servants. And the Drakh served
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