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the most disgusting things they had ever seen.

The visuals from the probes, however, provided plenty of views of the exterior of the ship, as the crew rotated in the guarding of it, and even a few glimpses of the interior. Hopefully, soon, they would get a view of those passengers who seemed to have been left to their own devices in the hold. And eventually, if all else failed, they would discover where the ship was bound, once it reached the end of the jumpgate line, and to whom its contents would be delivered.

The microelectronic probes weren't powerful enough to transmit over such vast distances, but the mages commonly employed faster-than-light relays, about two feet square and a few inches thick. These were usually put into orbit around a planet they wished to observe. In the case of a ship, the relay was often planted onboard or attached to the hull. It would collect the data from the probes and hold the information until a mage signaled for retrieval.

But how to plant the relay? As he and Isabelle had considered different methods, Galen had recalled a classic case where Maju had planted a relay in a gift for an important passenger on a ship. From there, it had taken Isabelle only seconds to apply the idea to their own situation. The gift would be given by Cadmus Wilcox to the Narn captain, Ko'Vin. The gift would be of great value. The gift would inspire great desire. The gift would be breen.

Which led to Galen's current predicament.

"Quit pretending you're busy and come over here and taste this," Isabelle said. Across the kitchen, she held out a small plate with a single spherical brown lump covered in gravy.

Galen stuck his spoon into his bowl, which contained a foul-smelling brownish paste. It was his latest attempt at mixing up something that
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