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waiting for their probes to penetrate the building, they'd sent Johnny to infiltrate the Drakh's datasystem. Johnny had said it was heavily protected, and "strange." It had taken him a full day to access. When Johnny had finally penetrated it, he'd not only found shipping records but financial statements, communications with various shipping companies, and other records. These were written in Narn, presumably to mask the participation of the Drakh in case of a security breach.

The Human who had met with Ko'Vin-Brown was his name-maintained the records. All communications were channeled through him. Over the last six months, the Drakh and Brown had coordinated the movement of millions of intelligent beings and massive amounts of materials. By the numbers, it seemed as if entire species were on the move: Drakh, Streib, Wurt, and others whose names Galen did not recognize. In other cases, only small groups or individuals were involved. The materials being transported included great engines of fabrication and construction. But products of every kind were being shipped as well, in quantities that revealed a huge demand.

The shipping records listed no final destination for all these shipments except the word kiva, which translated as fortunate planet. Not something he'd find on the charts.

Galen visualized the equation to close the file of shipping information. The oddest thing about what Johnny had found in the Drakh's datasystem was what he had not found. There were no records of communications with the rim.

To establish a link to the Shadows, they had to take a more personal approach. They had hoped at first that Brown would be the one to lead them to the Shadows. They had followed him and planted a probe on him. For the last three days, it had revealed nothing
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