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that generated heat became visible. The probe displayed these infrared wavelengths as shades of red. Out of the dull background arose two brighter spots, one more intense, one less so. In front of Ko'Vin was the less intense body of red, a silhouette in Human form. The man moved as he spoke in Narn.

We have your next payment.

In the corner was a more brilliant red silhouette. The body was humanoid, but the head was striking, unlike anything he'd seen before. That must be the Drakh. The back of the head had two protuberances that extended back and up in two craggy peaks, one above the other. He wondered what kind of brain structure it must have.

Ko'Vin's head turned toward the corner, perhaps sensing the presence of the Drakh lurking in the darkness. The business between the Human and the Narn captain was done quickly. Ko'Vin presented a credit chit, and the man inserted it into his machine, transferring credits onto it.

Ko'Vin seemed to have lost all his bluster. In fact, he hadn't spoken a word since entering the building.

You ve done an exemplary job, as usual, the man said, returning the credit chit to the captain.

Ko'Vin stood quickly.

Then, from the corner, the Drakh's voice came like an arid breeze. Secrecy.

The view from the probe shook as Ko'Vin nodded his head rapidly, then retreated hastily up the stairs.

They had connected the traffic to the rim with the Shadows' legendary allies, the Drakh. Now they must discover whether the Drakh were the masterminds of this activity, or whether they themselves had masters.

As the Khatkhata had resumed its journey to the rim, Galen and Isabelle had visited the Drakh's neighborhood, disguised as maintenance workers. They had taken the appearances of two workers who were often sent to disconnect the
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