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was doing an experiment that had been occupying her for the last three days, involving a microscopic transceiver. Galen was dying of curiosity about what she was doing, but so far, she'd waved off any questions.

Burell's health hadn't improved since they'd returned to her place of power. She continued to hide her true condition as much as she could, yet she was spending more and more hours in bed, and when she was up, he could see that she was in great pain. Isabelle had grown reluctant in the last few days to leave the apartment. When Burell was sleeping, Isabelle checked on her regularly. And when Burell was up, Isabelle's attention constantly turned to her.

Galen felt they should do something, but he didn't know what. Burell's organelles were failing to heal her, and Isabelle had said she refused healing from anyone else. Healing did not work well on chronic illness, but still, why would she refuse even to try? Did Burell have something to hide?

As if reading his thoughts, she shot him a pointed look, raising her eyebrows. At times her expressions were strikingly like Isabelle's.

He returned his attention to the Drakh's records in his mind's eye. They had to get more information somehow, information that would reveal the hand of the Shadows. He feared they had gotten as far as they could without taking a much greater risk.

Three days earlier, they'd watched, through the probe they'd planted on Captain Ko'Vin, as the captain sent G'Leel off toward the ship, and headed in the opposite direction himself. The probe was right in the center of Ko'Vin's forehead- he'd been so drunk, Isabelle said, she could have put it anywhere. So as the view swiveled back and forth, they could tell the captain was glancing nervously over his shoulder.

Only a few doors down
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