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called out in Narn, and the program translated. G'Leel, there you are. I need you to carry something back to the ship for me. You aren't going to believe it!

Coming, G'Leel responded.

The captain stepped out of the doorway, then leaned back in. Getting your fortune told? G'Leel, if you crave my love, you can just tell me directly.

G'Leel rolled her eyes. "I hope I helped," she said under her breath. She turned and strode across the room to her captain.

As G'Leel and Ko'Vin went into the lobby, Galen picked up their words through the lobby probe, and they were translated. The manager has given us some breen. We'll have to stay here every time we come, just to get more. Unless it's bad. Then we'll stay here to punish him.

They laughed.

Galen took Isabelle's hand. "We've got our first proof! Finally, something concrete to report to Elric."

Isabelle smiled, and this wasn't the mysterious lips-pressed-together smile; it was a big grin. "I knew we could do it."

"Another positive prediction?"

"I told you, I'm always right. Except for the times I'm not."

* * *

They made an odd group. Isabelle sat in a large armchair, her legs tucked beneath her, fingers intertwined in her lap. She was wearing a brown gown she seemed to like to wear around the house, its hem embroidered with runes. Though she was staring straight at him, she did not see him. She was monitoring the Drakh.

Galen sat beside her on a small area of the sofa he had managed to clear. He was searching again through the records Johnny had spirited from the Drakh's system. Johnny was an extremely sophisticated demon, though Galen had yet to get used to his scantily clad appearance, even if he was just an artificial intelligence.

Burell hovered nearby in her yellow armchair. She
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