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the gathering must stop, and the movement must begin."

G'Leel's gloved hands were clenching the back of the chair.

"You have two choices. You can continue to support those who seek the deaths of billions. You are then as responsible for what happens as they are. That blood is on your hands. Or instead, you can fight them, do what you can to stop this before it is too late."

The back of the chair broke off in G'Leel's hands. She looked down at it in shock, as if it were some alien artifact that had appeared out of nowhere. She stood and slammed it down on the table. Hunching over them, she spat whispers at Isabelle. "And what am I supposed to do? How can I stop this great movement?"

"You can stop it," Isabelle said, "with the help of others. You can stop it by telling us everything you know."

G'Leel's red eyes widened, and for a few moments she remained over them, breathing hard. Then she sat. "Why is he staring at me that way?" G'Leel jerked her chin in Galen's direction. "With those big eyes. Doesn't he ever blink?"

"He looks that way at everyone," Isabelle said. "He examines everything as if his life depends on it."

Galen, mystified at this turn in the conversation, averted his gaze. He felt the familiar discomfort that others saw in him things of which he was unaware. "I don't mean to offend."

"He can talk as well," G'Leel said.

Galen stared back at her. "And you can delay with foolishness." Galen raised his hands, conjured a globe of light between them. "The last time these dark forces moved across the galaxy, scores of intelligent species were exterminated; tens of billions died. Narn itself came under attack, and all the Narn mindwalkers were killed. How long will it be before the Narn homeworld is again under attack?" Within the globe, Galen
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