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angry with him.

"Your husband has stolen from you and mistreated you. Now he is far from here. He should pay for what he has done, but it will be a difficult struggle for you to obtain justice."

Now Mary was shaking her head. "I don't want justice. I want my husband back. Can I get him back?" She seized his hand. "Please, can I get him back?"

Galen wished her attention would return to the globe. He was uneasy with the intensity of her need, and didn't know what to say. Getting her husband back was obviously the worst thing that could happen to her. He did quick checks on her previous two husbands, found that they too had criminal records. The divorce proceedings revealed that they had been unfaithful to her, had stolen from her.

"You will not get him back. He cares more for money than for you, and now that he has yours, he has moved on."

Her sobbing returned with renewed force, her hand hot and tight about his. Galen noticed that Isabelle's attention was focused now on him.

"Why does this keep happening to me?" Mary said.

What could he say? His tone came out more distant than he intended. "You fall in love with men who do not love you. You will continue to fall in love, and men will continue to break your heart. Your life will not change."

She released his hand and shot to her feet, knocking her chair over. "He did love me. Who are you to say? Who are you?" She staggered out of the lounge, her arm with the handbag extended, searching for balance. The other patrons stared at her.

Galen berated himself. She had enough problems as it was. He would have gone after her, except he knew he would only make things worse. He didn't understand people. He never had.

Isabelle continued to stare at him.

"I know," Galen said. "I'm terrible with people.
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