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a deep breath. Clear your mind. That's it." In his mind, Elric berated him for weak presentation. Galen took a moment, focused on his voice. "Look"-he extended his hand, conjuring a sphere-"into this globe of light. In it, time lines converge. The past, the present, the future." His hands made a flourish around the globe. She stared into it.

Galen was going to skip over the rest of her financial information when he found that she'd had twelve thousand credits in her account up until two weeks ago. The money had been withdrawn in one lump sum. The next day, her husband's name had been removed from the account. He searched for marriage and divorce records.

"You are troubled," he said. "You have a difficult decision to make." Most people were troubled, and those who sought out fortune-tellers, even more so. It was a safe opening.

"Yes," she said, surprised. "I don't know what to do."

She'd been a citizen of Zafran 8 for the last nineteen years. Records showed three marriages, the first two ending in divorce.

"You are troubled financially, and you are troubled in love."

"It's not the money I care so much about." She turned from the globe to him. "It's my husband." Her face puffed out, and she burst out sobbing.

Galen snatched a napkin from a neighboring table and madly searched for records on the husband. Albert Stein was a bartender at a restaurant just down the street. He had been married three times as well, though Galen found no record of divorces. There was a warrant for his arrest on Earth. He had stolen money from his second wife and left the planet.

Mary delicately blotted her eyes.

Galen found that Albert had purchased passage off-world on a ship that had left yesterday. He had taken her money and abandoned her. Galen could see why Mary was
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