Яппаньки вам,уважаем(ый)(ая)(ое)!

Would you like to do an electron incantation?

Yes, Elric responded immediately. I will do it now.

A message was sent by means he well understood. Their network of relays monitored the location of every mage whose energy was within range and channeled each message to its recipient. But the electron incantation worked through a much more mysterious process. Instead of his message traveling to Galen, Elric felt as if he himself traveled to Galen. It was like a dream.

He closed his eyes, focusing, centering. In his mind's eye, he visualized himself stepping from his body, visualized the long journey: up out of the atmosphere of Soom, past the brilliant orange outer planets and out of the solar system, into the vast blackness of space, which cradled him like a bed of black velvet. He passed the star systems and nebulae that marked his way. He saw the Zafran star, a shining beacon in the night, the eighth planet of brown and green, the sprawl of the port city, Burell's building, her penthouse apartment. In his mind's eye, the apartment was empty. Yet, as in a dream, he knew Galen and

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