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do you feel about the death of your wife and child?"

"What would you like to say to the terrorists?"-Morden struck out at them, shoving them back, turning in a circle as he did to clear some space for himself. "Stop it! Stop it! Stop it!" Morden yelled, his face red. The nervous reporters hastily backed into one another, but continued to shout questions. In the middle of the empty space he had cleared, Morden turned slowly, brought his hands to his ears, and screamed.

Alwyn had written, I ended up saying I wanted all hypocrites to have their sins broadcast on ISN and then be questioned in their underwear by a journalist.

Could this be Morden's sin? Could he have had his wife and five-year-old daughter killed, along with a ship full of other people? If so, what powerful allies could have helped an archaeologist destroy a jumpgate?

When they had met, Morden's voice, his body, were carefully controlled. He had used misdirection to avoid scrutiny.

What was he hiding?

Elric removed the image from his mind's eye. All his questions were merely ways to avoid the one question he feared to ask, the one he feared to answer, and the one he believed he now could.

He knew they worked behind the scenes. He knew they found others to do their bidding, dark servants seduced by their own desires. And he knew those servants constantly searched for more.

Had Morden been sent by the Shadows?

And from that question inevitably came the next. Did the Shadows now know of Galen's power?

Elric found he had received a new message. It was from Galen. He opened it eagerly, realizing it was what he had hoped for since arriving home. He needed to know that Galen was safe, especially now that he'd discovered this new danger.

We have more to tell you, Galen's message read.
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