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until the Circle came to a decision regarding Galen, no one expelled the outsider. This time the one taken aside was Alwyn.

Now Elric would find out what Morden had been saying. Besides Galen, he trusted Alwyn more than anyone-trusted him to be sarcastic, outspoken, uncompromising, and honest. Tonight Elric had left him, half drunk, in the middle of a probe-spitting contest. At least, perhaps, he could get the part of the truth that Alwyn remembered.

He composed a message. Alwyn, you spoke to this man. He inserted Morden's image. What did he say to you?

Elric waited impatiently for a response, continuing through the recordings, finding an image of Morden leaving for Lok on the evening of the third day. He switched to the probe by the Lok wagon station, found Morden getting transportation back to Tain. Estimating the travel time, Elric accessed his probes in the Rook's office and home. Morden did not appear.

Instead, he arrived at the Tain spaceport. The spaceport was actually little more than a wide, flat field around which numerous shops and businesses had grown up, handling what little trade Tain had with other systems. A small building handled the processing of off-worlders and foreign goods- mainly charging fees and checking their names off a list. Elric maintained several probes inside and outside the building. Morden entered about half a day after leaving Lok, and headed out onto the field, where a small personal transport waited. Elric watched it lift off with a feeling of relief. He was gone.

He received a response from Alwyn. In the middle of something IMPORTANT here, as you know. Three points ahead! Fed got a bull's-eye but vomited on it, so I had it disqualified. Youngster can't hold his liquor.

I remember the man, vaguely. He was the representative
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