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Elric looked at it now, the situation struck him as a sloppy attempt at misdirection: generate chaos to avoid scrutiny. He was ashamed that it had worked.

But why would Morden want to avoid scrutiny? His authorization from the Rook had been valid. What was he afraid Elric would find?

Elric labeled Morden's figure and did a search for it throughout the probes in the convocation area, from the moment of Morden's arrival through the present. Since he didn't have probes in the tents, out of respect for the mages' privacy, what he might find was limited.

Yet there were forty positive identifications, and many more possible ones. They began on the opening night and continued for the next two days. Apparently, by the morning of the initiation, Morden had left.

In his mind's eye, Elric went through the forty appearances. Morden arrived, entered the tents. He came back out in conversation with one of the Kinetic Grimlis. That one introduced him to the others. He mingled that first night with many of the mages, though Elric noticed Morden stayed away from the members of the Circle. Occasionally he would lead one mage away from the others, to talk in private, in the shadows. He did this with Circe, Djadjamonkh, Maskelyne, others. There was so much noise from the opening-night gathering that Elric couldn't hear any of these conversations.

Early in the morning of the second day, as most of the mages returned to their ships for a few hours' rest, Morden entered the tents. He didn't come out until nightfall, when he came upon Galen and the others. He observed the argument. He saw Galen strike, with overwhelming force. Then he withdrew.

Morden didn't appear again until the next afternoon, when he mingled again with mages outside the tents. Since the Becoming had been postponed
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