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chrysalis had their first awkward training sessions; the initiates worked with the Kinetic Grimlis to meld a piece of their chrysalis to their new ship and master its operation. The rest of them talked, bragged, laughed, and argued.

Elric had always enjoyed these meetings, but this convocation was different. Since Galen had left, Elric had felt detached. He seemed to pass through events like a holographic illusion; nothing could touch him. He felt as if he lived in a world of Shadows, and doom, and he was the only one who could see them coming. Blaylock, he knew, felt it too, but that was little comfort. It wasn't Blaylock's student who had been sent into danger.

Elric stood in the middle of the main room. The lights were dark, the fire cold. The house was quiet, empty. And perhaps it would remain so from this time forth.

Elric shook off his mood, turned on some lights, and conjured a magical fire on the hearth. He had given Galen a staff, had told Galen all that he could. The Circle had determined that Galen and Isabelle must complete this task themselves. Was there nothing more he might do?

He sat at the table, found himself accessing the probe recording of Galen's attack on Elizar. He had watched it many times the night of the attack, so much that he almost knew it by heart. But he hadn't watched it since.

The probe on the tent had been situated a bit behind Elizar, so Elric could see only Elizar's side and back, while Galen and Isabelle faced him. Beneath the light globes that illuminated the night, their features seemed flat, washed out.

Elizar brought his hands to his mouth and released a sustained syllable, casting a spell.

"No," Isabelle said. Her fingers moved to conjure a shield.

Galen's eyes widened, and Elric could see the moment he cast
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