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to go through every room as part of the spell, of course.

"The system is set up so that the blast of a PPG or any other sophisticated weapon will set off the sonic generators, whose sound waves are strong enough to vibrate the internal organs of most intelligent species, stunning them, causing spasms, or liquefying their bowels. Of course Cadmus is probably overreacting; I don't think his guests want to draw any attention to themselves. But he sleeps better at night, and I have a much more complete intelligence-gathering system in place."

Isabelle pointed to one section of the screen. "There's a Narn."

The Narn was standing in one of the guest rooms, staring at herself in the mirror. She looked grim. A pale scar ran across the middle of her nose.

"I wonder what she's thinking," Isabelle said.

Within seconds Burell had retrieved her record from the Narn Transport Organization and displayed it beside the picture on the screen. Her name was G'Leel, and she was second-in-command on the Khatkhata.

"Interesting," Burell said, tapping her upraised index finger against her lips.

Isabelle read from G'Leel's record. "She's been crewing on cargo ships for seven years. Six months ago she switched to a non-Narn shipping company. Based on Stabota 5. Where is that?"

"I've run into this company before," Burell said. "They've been involved in several of the other shipments I followed. Stabota 5 makes us look centrally located. The only thing there is a colony of nudist Drazi. The shipping facility is nothing but a communications relay. I haven't been able to trace it to its true source, which suggests some very sophisticated technology is involved."

Isabelle continued reading from the record. "Her base pay tripled, not counting bonuses. Closest relatives are two
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