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of people who provided useful information, knowingly or unknowingly.

"Last but not least, let me introduce you, Galen, to a little computer demon I conjured. He's been the one to sneak his way into the spaceport records and retrieve all their information. He'll be very useful for you. He's quite a hard worker, and easy on the eyes too. Johnny?"

The large screen went black, and in the center appeared a male figure. He fell to one knee, bowed his head. "I live to serve, Enchantress." He stood. He wore a skimpy red bathing suit and nothing more. His physique was that of a bodybuilder, with huge biceps and quadriceps, and rippling abdominals. "Greetings, Daughter of Enchantress."

Isabelle nodded, a slight smile playing across her face.

"What have you found, Johnny?" Burell asked.

"The ship Khatkhata arrived yesterday. According to port records, it's bound for the last jumpgate on our route, near the rim. It's got a four-day layover in port before continuing its journey. The crew is Narn, and they're staying at the Strauss Hotel. The Khatkhata is a cargo ship, carrying several heavy pieces of demolition and construction equipment. But at least some of the cargo is passengers. I haven't been able to get any information on them. They aren't leaving the ship."

Johnny's face and voice seemed familiar somehow. Galen studied the figure and found that the head and body didn't quite go together. The head had a more normal amount of body fat in its cheeks, and a slightly lighter skin tone.

Johnny went through some additional information on ships that had arrived or departed while Burell was away. When he was finished, he lowered himself again to one knee.

"Thank you, Johnny," Burell said.

"It is my great pleasure, Enchantress."

"Good-bye, Johnny," Isabelle
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