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development. Yet the training clearly also plays a part, otherwise the chrysalis would develop fully before we begin to train with it. As we visualize different spells, I believe the neurons in the chrysalis make connections between each other, creating and strengthening pathways that reflect our ways of thinking.

"In addition to the neurons, there are muscles that allow the chrysalis to hold on to the apprentice. And a blood circulation system. The chrysalis seems in ways to be similar to a brain. Something that receives and echoes our thoughts, and then..." She shrugged. "I'm vastly oversimplifying. There are many layers of technology intertwined with this structure. I haven't had a chance to make heads or tails of them. And I still don't have a clue about how the whole thing works."

"What you've found is fascinating. I would think the tech must be designed in a similar way." Thinking of the tech as stem cells containing-at least in part-his own DNA made it feel less threatening, less like an invading life form. But it had seemed to have a will, a will to penetrate his body. The Circle must somehow program certain desires and directives into it. He wondered how much they understood of what they made.

"So why haven't you tried it?" Isabelle asked.

Fa ran up with flowers stuck into the hair of her head, arms, and legs.

Isabelle laughed, a light, musical sound. "She looks like a bouquet."

Galen translated for Fa.

"She laughs," Fa said.

"Yes?" Galen said.

"I thought you weren't allowed."

Isabelle was looking between Galen and Fa. "What did she say?"

Galen was uncomfortable relaying the comment. "Fa is surprised that you laughed. She thought mages were not allowed."

At that, Isabelle laughed even harder. "With you and Elric her only examples"-her
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