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in the training hall, Elric had recognized the danger. Yet he had hoped Galen would be able to maintain lifelong control. With the burden of power Galen carried, there was no choice. His hope had been, perhaps, unrealistic. Yet without it, he would have been forced to recommend that the Circle cast him away.

Now, what hope could he have in Galen's control? The chrysalis-stage apprentices were given their chrysalises to wear a full day before initiation. It was a test of control. Over the years, a fair number had failed the test, as had Isabelle and Elizar. Nonetheless, most were given a mild rebuke and went on to be fine mages.

But Galen could not be held to the same standard. Galen had not only failed to maintain control. He had attacked, in violation of the Code. And he had attacked with a weapon of potentially vast destruction.

Elric gathered himself. It was his duty, as one of the Circle, to speak. "Galen is guilty of everything he said. Mages have fought in the past, and will do so in the future. Yet no chrysalis-stage apprentice has ever attacked with a weapon of such power. We do not know how he will behave as a full mage. We dare not-" Elric found he could not continue. He could not say the words to cast Galen away. "I will not vote in this matter."

"If I may," Ing-Radi said. "Has Galen ever reacted with violence before?" she asked Elric.

"No, he has not."

"To cast away after one incident seems premature."

Herazade brought her palms flat against each other. "Perhaps he has never been in circumstances that would bring out his violence. Elric, has Galen ever felt threatened before?"

"No, he has not."

Herazade hated violence, Elric knew, even when it was justified. She could vote to cast away. Blaylock would likely do the same. Kell had devoted
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