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of the weave; this was no illusion. Gali-Gali had been the first to combine a conjured platform with an ordinary carpet. It elicited a greater feeling of magic.

Isabelle conveyed them at a gentle pace, remaining only a few feet off the ground, so Fa would not be afraid. Fa stood in a half crouch and held her face up, her curly wisps of hair blowing in the breeze. Through Galen, Isabelle asked Fa for a good place to picnic, and Fa led them off the mak to a field of flowers and high grasses. The tapestry settled onto the ground, the invisible platform below it dissolving, and shortly Isabelle began to distribute the food.

The mist was thick, the sun reflecting within it to create a brilliant white glow. The sea breeze ruffled through the grasses.

Fa ate only a few bites, repeatedly running her hand over the tapestry, then looking up at Isabelle. After a few minutes she ran off to pick flowers, her orange jumper dissolving into the mist.

"She's a lovely girl," Isabelle said.

"Quite an effective irritant as well," Galen said.

"She has several older siblings, doesn't she?"

Galen frowned. "Yes. But how did you know?"

She gave him that mysterious smile, her lips pressed together. "I'm always right. Except for the times I'm not, of course." Isabelle raised her eyebrows. "Why haven't you used the tech yet?"

Galen smiled, trying to cover his unease. "Have you been talking to Elric?"

"We only exchanged greetings as he came to take Burell to a meeting of the Circle."

"She has business with the Circle?"

Isabelle nodded. "Misdirection-very nice. But you won't get me off the subject so easily."


"Why you're not using the tech."

While Galen would have preferred a different topic, he loved talking with her, could talk with her forever.
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