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his own sensors and probes. "These huge energies and instabilities seem to coalesce in the creation of a new, unstable universe. A spherical area of our own universe is pinched off to create another. In the training hall, as this pocket universe formed, it also began to collapse. But the collapse occurred while I was working to erase the spell. I'm uncertain whether the collapse was due to my interference, or whether it was part of the spell."

"The second time he cast the spell," Kell said, "he altered it, so we still do not know its ultimate consequences."

"Yes. The new universe could form completely, separating and vanishing from our own and having no further effect upon it, other than removing a small piece of our universe. Or the integrity of the membrane separating our universe from this new one could fail, loosing wild energies whose destructive extent is unknown, but potentially vast."

"Are there any limits to the size of the sphere?"

A curious question, Elric thought. The spheres of energy that mages commonly conjured were limited to about twelve feet in diameter, and Elric's guess would be that Galen's sphere was similarly limited. But if not, could it then pinch off an entire fleet of ships, or an entire planet? Elric found it hard to believe such destructive capability might be within the province of a techno-mage; most of a mage's powers were confined to limited sizes and short distances. But it interested him that Kell would think along such lines. "That could only be determined with experimentation, I believe."

Kell dismissed the issue with a casual wave of his hand. "What is your recommendation, then, for Galen?"

This was the question that had dominated his every thought since he had seen Elizar's burned arm. When Galen had conjured the spell
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