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Kell's eyes flared in alarm. "Your conclusions have no basis. Elizar has done nothing to endanger the mages."

Elric stood. It all came down to one's faith in Kell. What Blaylock said could be true. Yet it didn't explain why Kell was supporting Elizar, why he sought to suppress the discussion. That suggested Kell possessed some additional knowledge, knowledge that for some reason he felt couldn't be shared with the Circle at this time. Blaylock had strong philosophical differences with Kell, though, and so could not accept on faith that Kell knew best. Elric, however, knew that sometimes secrecy was necessary. And he believed in Kell. "I vote for a mild rebuke," he said, and sat.

Ing-Radi bowed her head. The oldest of them, she had formed her views in an earlier time, and they didn't fall neatly into any segment of the current political spectrum. Yet she tended to be cautious and compassionate. "I agree," she said.

Following the will of the majority, the Circle would rebuke Elizar.

Elric found he had received a message. In his mind's eye, he opened it. The message was in simple text. From Blaylock, of course. You have your own reservations about Elizar. Why didn't you vote with me?

It was inappropriate to send messages during a meeting of the Circle. But Blaylock was not one to be put off.

Elric visualized a blank message screen. I trust Kell. That is all. He visualized the message being broken into bits of information, traveling through the air to Blaylock, reassembling itself.

Kell spoke again. "Now we must discuss the fate of Galen. Elric, tell us what you know of Galen's spell."

Elric reviewed what Galen had told him about deriving the spell from a progression, and then described what he himself had deduced from studying the readings of

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