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would with a son. But Kell had also been proud of Elizar, as a teacher was with a pupil. He took great pains to make Elizar into a leader who could think independently, act decisively, and one day guide the techno-mages. He noted each of Elizar's accomplishments with great joy. Kell had once confided in Elric that he saw something in Elizar, some hint of future greatness.

For himself, Elric found Elizar's most admirable quality his passion for the history and accomplishments of the mages. That had drawn Galen to him. Yet in Elric's opinion, Elizar took his future leadership a bit too much for granted. He had shown signs of arrogance. Although this trait was not rare among techno-mages, it was a poor quality in a leader. And Elizar's behavior last night, which Elric had later observed through a probe's recording, was extremely troubling.

Still, Elric hoped that somehow Kell was right, and that Elizar would be the great leader to take his place. He knew how much Elizar meant to Kell. Almost as much as Galen meant to him.

Kell asked Ing-Radi to report on Elizar's health, and then he sat.

Ing-Radi laid her hands, palms up, one on top of the other, and bowed her head. She returned her hands to the four arms of her chair. Her movements were graceful, hypnotic. "The burns were severe. Some scarring remains, both internally and externally. He can retrain himself to use the rebuilt muscles. He can retrain himself to understand the sensory input of the regrown nerves. He can work to regain his muscle tone. In a short time, he should have partial use of the arm. He will never recover its full use, though."

Kell leaned forward in his chair. "When he receives the implants-will they not further the healing?"

"All that can be done, I have done. I am sorry."

The three
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