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face Elric. He would leave tomorrow, after he made sure Isabelle and Elizar were not blamed for what had happened. He would go to the city, find a job. Give up any dreams of being just a little bit in control of events around him, of manipulating power and using it for good.

Better to do no harm.

The wind had calmed, and the night was quiet, except for the susurration of the sea. The sound of death, Razeel had called it.

Galen looked absently at the sensor-pad, pressed its buttons without thought, called up the record of what he had done in the hall. It had recorded the same great energies, the same great instabilities that his sensors had found. Yet it recorded other details as well. It not only had a sophisticated array of sensors built into it, but it gathered information from sensors Elric had in place all about the planet.

Galen had thought perhaps the sphere was a black hole, based on the distortion of time and space. Yet a black hole would have pulled them all toward it, and this did not. Some of the readings suggested a wormhole or jump point, yet those would have radiated energy, and the sphere did not. According to the data, the energy he had first sensed all around him had gathered itself in the membrane of the sphere. As the sphere formed, it seemed to seal itself off more and more from the surrounding hall. The images of Kell and Isabelle standing on the far side of the sphere, which had at first been visible through the sphere, had later been blocked by it. The light that had been contained within the spherical area when the spell was cast found it harder and harder to escape, so that the sphere seemed to darken. The reddening of the light suggested a Doppler shift, as if the sphere were moving rapidly away from them.

Just before Elric had interrupted
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