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had very weak transmitters, and so could not transmit information from one body to another without some mechanism to boost their signal. The crystal had been designed and built by the mages to serve that purpose.

In his mind's eye he received images and data from the organelles, as they moved through the injured area. The skin had been completely burned away. Great masses of dead fat and muscle tissue dominated the layers near the surface, looking very much like cooked meat. In some places the fat had protected the muscle beneath; in others, such as the hand, the burn had penetrated deep into muscle. Nerves were dead or overloaded with conflicting signals. Capillaries were broken, clogged, melted.

Farther below, healthy cells did survive. New tissue could grow. With traditional medical treatment, over time, Elizar would heal, though he would never regain full use of his limb.

From Galen's early years of study, before he'd realized he had no aptitude for healing, he had an idea of what needed to be done. First, nerve impulses to the burn area had to be blocked. Then healthy skin cells at the edge of the burn needed to be stimulated to grow skin over the arm. This would keep moisture in and microorganisms out. At the same time, blood vessels at the edge of the burn would need to send out capillaries to provide blood flow to the new skin. All dead tissue had to be liquefied and drained from beneath this new skin, and then within that underlying space the necessary muscles, nerves, arteries, veins, and tissue must grow. Finally, the nerve block had to be removed.

The problem was that healing didn't work this way. There was no spell to block nerve signals, or to stimulate the growth of skin over an area. In all the reading Galen had done, in all the discussions he'd
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