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spoken with determination, but he did not yet understand what the burden meant. Elric did not fully understand it himself. All mages had great powers, and they had to learn to control those powers so that they followed the Code and did only good. They not only had to control the tech, but to control themselves, their own impulses. It required constant discipline.

Many mages, unfortunately, lost control at one time or another. Fights broke out, fireballs were cast, but usually, no permanent harm was done. Apologies could be said, and the slip could be forgotten.

But Galen could allow himself no slips. Elric had taught him discipline and control. Galen had learned better than he knew. Yet no mage had perfect control. If, in a moment of anger, he cast the spell, it could have vast, destructive consequences. Elric did not know what the spell would have done if he had not stopped it.

At least the spell had been cast in training, which meant it remained a matter between teacher and apprentice, and the Circle would not become formally involved. With them Galen would face many questions and many doubts. Elric had no doubts where Galen was concerned. He knew that Galen would devote all his efforts to obeying Elric's commands and following the Code. He was a dedicated, skilled apprentice, and he would become an exceptional mage.

The Circle would certainly want to hear informally from Elric, and some might even question whether Galen should be initiated. But Galen had done nothing wrong, and so Galen would be initiated. Elric would see to it.

Galen had taken his screen back to his bedroom, and now he returned. He tilted his head, as he did when he was about to ask a question. "It seems likely that someone would have discovered this spell before me. Is that possible?
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