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air had somehow become impossibly distant. He couldn't feel the floor beneath his feet, nor even the weight of his body.

With a great rush the energy shot out from him, pushing him back against Elric. Once again he could feel the weight of his body. He stumbled to regain his balance. As the energy concentrated around the coordinates he'd specified, a spherical area began to redden and darken.

Yet his body still did not feel normal, and more than that, the hall did not feel normal. The air felt charged, and time itself felt wrong, as if it had become sluggish, distorted. As the spherical area darkened, the faces of Kell and Isabelle on the far side of it became oddly distorted, as if he were seeing them through a soap bubble. He felt distorted as well, his left arm longer than his right, his left eye bulging outward, as if his body had become ductile. Something was deforming space and time.

This wasn't the translucent globe conjured by the two-term equation. This wasn't some magical dream made manifest through ancient technology. This was something misshapen, something horribly dangerous. His thoughts seemed fuzzy, out of focus. He had to stop it, he realized. This was his responsibility. His creation. Yet a quenching spell could unmake something only after it had been made. With the strange distortion of time, this spell was still taking shape, still making itself. What it was making itself, he didn't know.

He focused desperately, visualized the equation to access the sensors built into the chrysalis. The left side of his head seemed to be expanding. Finally the chrysalis echoed the equation, and the sensors became available. They revealed massive energy, massive instability all around.

The interior of the sphere had darkened to a reddish gray; he could no
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